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We are a platform dedicated to providing teachers (Muallims) for an online one-on-one setup, designed to fit the individual needs of a student, both adults and children. Our students and teachers are based all over the world, which allows us to provide flexible timings and support in multiple languages. We specialize in teaching Qur'an for beginners up to advanced Tajweed, and Qir'at. We also have expert teachers for Islamic Studies classes for children and special topics for adults.

  • Benefits of Online Learning

    1. Access to expertise from all over the world
    2. Flexibility of time (24/7)
    3. Savings on cost and time
    4. No location barrier – learn from anywhere in the world
    5. Convenient
  • Why us?

    1. We teach in multiple languages
    2. Our teachers are experts in their fields
    3. We offer advanced tajweed courses
    4. We provide online Islamic Studies classes for kids
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I honestly believe that as a parent having this option of online Quran and Islamic studies is such a huge blessing and so convenient that it is extremely regretful if one doesn't take advantage when they can. It doesn't get easier than this!

Parent of Emad and Taha

Our daughter has started classes a few weeks back and we can already see improvement with the focus on proper sounding, pronouncing and appropriate use of rules. We couldn't be happier.

Zoya Hussain's parents

Salaam, We started the online muallim for our two children aged 8 and 6 last year. We have been very happy and satisfied with the service. My children love muallim Abu Mohammed as he is very patient and jolly at the same time. He takes them at their pace. All the classes conducted were very much on time we decided. We are indeed very pleased to have him as our children's muallim. Jazakalla

Fauzia Jaffer

Salaam Alaykum, Ahmad has never been so inclined and so keen towards reciting Quran. I rarely have to remind him to log in on time - he takes his classes seriously, i see him practice with a passion, and overall Ahmad has begun to enjoy reciting Quran. He takes the time to appreciate learning the different rules - and is quickly able to identify them as he recites. I’m really grateful to his teacher who Ahmad loves and has a lot of respect for - i see that when i hear him make conversation with him. Ahmad’s teacher’s recitation is excellent mashallah, and i see Ahmad inspired to recite like him. I’m very grateful for this initiative - Skype works great for us! And it’s even better as the teacher is always on time and punctuality is maintained. May Allah swt reward you all beyond your expectations ameen. Jazakallah Kheiran.

Nafisa Rattansi

"We have seen a great improvement in our son's Quran recitation in the short time he's been under the guidance of Muallim Online. Brother Ali teaches in a very efficient yet patient manner and ensures that our son understands a tajweed rule completely before moving on. We really appreciate that the teacher makes him repeat the rules and verses to make sure he understands what he's teaching. This gives us even more confidence that our son is not only learning the rules of tajweed but also perfecting his Quran recitation by being able to apply those rules when reading. We highly recommend the program and the teacher for anyone looking to improve and perfect their Quran recitation!!" - The Farishtas (USA).

Farishtas (U.S.A)