Where is Muallim Online based?

Muallim Online is a registered entity in Australia [ABN: 55 619 233 883] and has online presence in over 15 countries.

What is a set of classes?

A set is of 12 classes, this is simply for ease of tracking. We recommended 3 classes per week which would result in a set being completed in approximately 1 month.
You may take between or up to 7 classes a week.

How long are the classes?

The classes are 20 mins each, one to one with the teacher.

How will the classes be conducted?

The classes will be conducted online over Zoom (Click here for Instructions). Ongoing classes will be accessed through Teachworks.

What is Teachworks?

Teachworks is a management software that improves the parent/student experience with scheduling/attending classes, keeping up to date with class summaries, class reminders, invoices, etc.

How do I access Teachworks?

Once you are registered on Teachworks, you will receive an email where you need to confirm your account. (Your Admin will let you know once they have registered you)
After confirming your account, you will need to set a password for your login.
Next time if you want to Log in, you simply need to visit and enter your credentials.

How do I pay for the classes:

Invoice will be issued via Teachworks (management software). You can pay using any visa or Mastercard payment options. Australian students can also choose to transfer directly on the given account details.

For more information click here

What if I miss a class:

If a student cannot attend a particular class, they must cancel/reschedule the class on Teachworks 2 hours prior to the class time. If a class is missed it will be counted as absent not cancelled.

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